Air Filters

If you’re experiencing problems with air quality, there may be a problem with your air conditioner.

Your problem may actually be a result of inefficient filtration, it may be caused by an ineffective filter. That’s why we provide our customers with Correct Filters.

Correct filters are 600% more effective in capturing dust particles and up to 30 times more effective in capturing harmful fine particles than other air filters available at the local hardware store.

Indoor air quality has been given increased attention recently, especially amid indications that indoor concentrations of hazardous pollutants may be much higher than outdoor concentrations, according to “Healthy Buildings, Healthy People“, a report on indoor air quality appearing on the EPA’s website.

Your indoor air may include harmful mold spores, dust, dirt, pet hair, excrement dust from pests and vermin and various other allergens.

Filters can be made to fit your system

Correct air conditioning filtersCorrect Filters uses a patented sealing technology to filter more particles and allergens than traditional filters. You may be surprised to learn that there are 42,000 dust mites in every ounce of dust. Correct Filters are designed to stop dust mites and provide you with cleaner, healthier air.

Unlike common one inch air filters, Correct Filters are handmade to fit your air conditioning unit perfectly. Construction of the filter begins by building a permanent aluminum, custom-made frame that won’t rust, warp or break. Even if your filter is an odd size, we can help!

Most filters are made of flimsy materials that may warp or break, allowing more air particles and contaminants to pass through the filtration system. An All Year Cooling technician will take measurements of your filter so that a new filter can be custom fitted for your system. We offer Honeywell air filtration systems.

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Department of All Year Cooling & Heating will answer to any further questions you have about indoor air quality, filtration and/or Clean Filters.